Food – Is it Worth it?

I am a terrible cook. Cooking has never been an activity that has come naturally to me. I am impatient to say the least. When Covid19 happened I found myself recently single, an awful cook, and sick of take out.
Going to the store was a painful experience. I needed to buy all sorts of ingredients for one meal: A spice I will never use again or a bulb of garlic when I needed one clove and an entire package of celery when I needed one stalk. It was so frustrating I started only keeping quick and healthy snacks in my refrigerator. Eventually, this became boring and expensive. I needed real meals.

Roasted Garlic Dijon Butter Steak with Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Mashed Sweet Potatoes (Actual Pic πŸ™‚)

So one day, a Facebook ad came up in my feed for a meal delivery service. It seemed ridiculously expense and complicated. I did like the idea of paying for only what I needed and going to the store less. So I started researching different services that might be better suited to my cooking skills and budget. I ended up trying and I have not regretted that choice once.
I am a practical woman by nature. (My military mothers influence to do with this) So the 1st thing I looked at was the food options. A food service could be the best priced but if they do not offer meals I will eat then I am throwing money away. has a variety of meals.

Gooey Stuffed Pork Burgers with BBQ Onions and Potato Wedges (Actual Pic πŸ˜‰)

The meals looked yummy and the recipes seemed easy to follow even for a cook of my level. (To put my cooking skills in perspective for you… I can barely boil noodles and have set the fire alarm off more then once. ) Additionally, the prep and cook time were all around 45 minutes or less.
The next thing I looked at was.. money. So I did the math! The meals at are 4.99$ per serving. I was able to sign up during with a link so my 1st box they was actually 3.29$ per serving. Shipping is a flat rate of 8.00$. In addition, the smallest box they have is for 2 people with a minimum of 3 meals. So I pay about 38.00$ per week for 6 portions (regular price). I live alone so I cook a 2 person recipe and save some for lunch. (If you follow any of the links in this blog you can get $20 off your 1st box.)

Tuscan Herbed Chicken Linguine with Creamy Tomato Sauce and Charred Lemon

The other thing does is they offer a skip a week option. If there is a week for whatever reason I don’t want the box; I just mark skip this week by the Friday before. (Download the app.. You’ll get notifications.) Plus.. you can cancel at anytime. I liked that. I have commitment issues with money. If I sign up for anything that is a service.. I triple check the exit strategy. has a very clear FAQ for consumers and a chat option for customer service. (Really solid customer service team too. They were really nice about explaining the difference between a bulb of garlic and a clove of garlic.)

Apricot Dijon Chicken Leg with Roasted Carrots and Lemon Garlic Cous Cous (Actual Pic 😁)

My 1st box was so cool! They send beautiful recipe cards and you have access to the online recipe. All the food is really good quality. (So I don’t have to be embarrassed in the store because I bought a vegetable that is over ripe.)
Now… You do have to actually cook the food. It does not come pre-cooked or pre-cut. I am good with that as I really wanted to cook my food not just put it in the oven and eat. I was so proud after I cooked my 1st meal! (Once I figured out the garlic bulb issue the process was so much faster.) I cooked steak with garlic butter, brussel sprouts, and sweet mashed potatoes. It was delicious, economical, and easy. Box

If you would like to try please click through this link to get $20 off your 1st box. It’s definitely worth it.

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